Big Day

Monday 1st March 2021 21:00

New month. Gorgeous Spring weather. Big day…

Got my invitation for the vaccine (WooohHoooooo 🥳!), and I’ve been tentatively planning ahead for when we can all gather again (a few months yet I know, but you gotta have a goal, right 😊).

So for the last couple of weeks I’ve been focussing all my efforts on the idea of community spaces to encourage everyone to simply get together and draw, that I shelved when the pandemic hit.

I’m in the process of negotiating for a small amount of ‘new enterprise’ funding to help with setting up a community interest company, and it all now officially has a new name – Doodle Inn.

Last week I designed and built a new website: And today, on the first anniversary of 61 Not Out launching on Patreon, I’ve launched Doodle Inn there too (, with the idea of holding some virtual Doodle Inns while we’re all still isolated, just to get the word out.

It feels really, really good to be ‘doing’ again!

Better days are just around the corner 🤗.

A Migraine, Some Scanning, and Small Successes

Friday 6 March 2020 23:59!

Quick post as it’s almost midnight and I’m pooped.

I overslept a bit, and was disappointed to realise I had to accept that the slightly ‘off’ feeling I woke with was rapidly developing into a full blown migraine by lunchtime. Thankfully I caught it in time with a tablet and by late afternoon I was functioning ok and able to do a bit of work.

It may seem surprising, but I’ve never bothered with scanning my artwork. Posting online I simply take a photo with my phone or iPad. I’m not that bothered about quality, as long as it’s fairly sharp, and I’m certainly not bothered about the colours being precise. If I’m going to be creating prints though in due course, that’s a whole different ball game. So today I did my first scans, testing to see if my existing printer’s scanning function was up to it. Thankfully it seems like it is.

Second task for the evening was to make sure my Affinity Photo app on the Mac was updated, and then do a very little bit of ‘tidying’ of last night’s soup can sketch in preparation for making a tutorial video of the very basics for my patrons.

I didn’t get as far as recording the video yet, but did take a little example ‘before and after’ to give an idea of a simple neatening process, cleaning up some white lettering, and some edges.

Finally I tested my cheap lapel mic on the Mac, and it seems to be working fine to record audio for Patreon. I really need to be able to do everything I want to do with my existing equipment and software, so lots of positives today.

Not at all the wasted day I feared it would be this morning, but a long day. Forgive me for not proofreading this!

Night night.