Every Picture Tells A Story

Saturday 1 February 2020 22:45

Did a little drawing today… and not much else.

I think I’m going down with another cold. 🙁

7 thoughts on “Every Picture Tells A Story”

  1. Silly to ask a technical question but…. Is that one of your ‘no worries, it’s not expensive’ lovely sketchbooks? It certainly seems to take pencil and ink very well! I love, love, love the view.

    1. Yes it is Bobbie. Seawhite 4in square, 96 sheets of 140gsm. Only downside being so many pages, it’s a bit tricky to open it flat. But it was £3.50 I think, AND takes watercolour.

    1. Thanks Kathleen. I’m going to add a little bit of shading, but don’t want to add much I don’t think. It was late last night and I was falling asleep, but it’s probably not a bad idea to step back from it anyway. I just wanted to ‘capture’ Jessie’s stance, and I think I did; it does look like her to me 🙂 .

      1. I’d be tempted to scan it first or make some copies/photocopies and try out different shading techniques. But I also like it as a line drawing. Very nicely observed – and your drawing captures much much more than a photograph ever would.

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