Hello! 🙂

I think the following wee gallery of mugshots will allow those of you who don’t know me, to know me pretty well…

From top left, clockwise:

1 – This one is to prove that, contrary to my mother’s expectations 45 years ago, I can brush up quite well and look remarkably grown-up and normal. 😊

2 – Ha ha! On the other hand… This was a bit of fun from a few years ago when I encouraged friends and clients to sponsor me to dress up as a red-nosed clown and roam the local shopping centre with a sign on my back: “The Reluctant Mouse Turns Red for Comic Relief”! Together with a raffle that I ran, with prizes of computer help and tuition, I raised just over £1,000. For a shy introvert this was quite a big deal for me to do, and as I loved every minute of it I think I have to rethink whether I really am a shy introvert after all!

3 – “A scooter is a very useful vehicle for all ages, it’s good exercise and lots of fun…” My folding scooter. Useful for the two mile journey into town, although not great at stopping in the wet! Folds easily and tucks under an arm when shopping. Has the bonus that pedestrians assume I’m delivering it to a grandchild waiting at the school gates, and invariably laugh and observe as I scoot by that clearly I couldn’t resist having a go, and it is fun to call out, “No, no, it’s mine!”, and see their reaction. 🙂

4 & 5 – Just me, at home, winter and summer, in everyday mode. “Fairy lights are not just for Christmas”

6 – I wouldn’t be me, today, without the wonderful Sketchbook Skool – dreamchild of Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene. Five years ago they changed my life.

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