Not Marching Forth (Or Even Fifth)

Thursday 5 March 2020 22:35

I’ve stalled.

I’m floundering in a bit of a depression at the moment. Not managing to do much of anything, just when I need to be ‘up and at ’em’.

Mostly I’m not getting around to drawing until late at night – when I’m tired and the tremor in my right hand is at its worst – like this cafetière that I drew last night. It’s completely wrong of course. My intention was to add watercolour, but having inked in the coffee I was so tired I just carried on with the big fat black pen… 🙄.

Despite the shiny bits being so completely wrong though, each time I’ve looked at it today, I find I’ve grown a little fonder of it. Through no fault of its own it doesn’t look like it should. Like me at the moment (the nasty shingly blistery bumpy painful rash thing is back with a vengeance).

In fact, looking at the drawing now I remember the handle was the bit that I thought would be impossible, and it’s the one bit that pretty much worked.

Sometimes the easy things are hard, and the things you think you’re going to struggle with, aren’t so bad at all.

I need to remember that.

2 thoughts on “Not Marching Forth (Or Even Fifth)”

  1. I totally agree that often the stuff you think will be plain sailing can be a struggle, and vice versa. I also think that drawings often are what they are and can become something we weren’t planning for (sometimes in a good way, sometimes not).

    I love this drawing, partly just because of how it looks, and partly (mostly?) because you showed up to make it, even though it might have been a struggle just to get going.

    Every drawing tells a story and helps us to learn something new. I’m glad your fondness for this one is growing.

  2. I think it’s cool. We always are our own harshest critic. Except Trump. Why not give yourself the weekend off? XX

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