Opening Doors

Friday 31 January 2020 22:50

After playing with the anamorphic drawing yesterday I wanted to fit in just one quick drawing this morning. This little open door leading to a stairway was inspired by a clever folded paper visual trick on a YouTube video, but I adapted it to be a small sketch in the corner of a page in my sketchbook.

When I’d done it, I realised looking at it that I could ‘see’ other furniture in the room, and that there was a story waiting to be told about the room at the top of the stairs…

It was Catch Up Friday, so I had other things planned for the whole day, but I will return to this, hopefully tomorrow, and see if I can fill in the missing story.

I’d intended to do a roundup of the first three weeks, but I’ll keep that for tomorrow too. It’s been a busy day. Night night! 😴

3 thoughts on “Opening Doors”

  1. I’m sure grateful there is a handrail on the left wall of that stairwell, (out of our view), because I’m running up right behind you! Great intro to the adventure.

  2. Haha I coming after you and Bobbie ! I also enjoy your drawing posts here , so lovely . Getting into action provides often a ‘chain reaction’ it’s the ‘start’ th├át sometimes can be so difficult . Wonderful to hear you allowed yourself getting on with the flow and enjoyed the ‘playing’ with your tools .

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