Random Thoughts On The First Days In Lockdown

Friday 27 March 2020 14:30

There are no longer different days of the week. Just “daytime” and “nighttime”.

(Does nighttime really have two “t’s” in it?)

As my brain continues to be a little fuddled, I’m increasingly grateful for Spellcheck.

9pm now feels very late and “way past my bedtime”.

Video links are no longer thought an odd way to catch up with friends, even local ones.

I’m writing my Will at last. It would have been sensible to have done it ages ago, but I’m only now realising who truly warrants being included.

I’m appreciating the option of including “in the event that they pre-decease me” alternatives, but wish I didn’t feel the need to.

My brother is right up there on the list of people I don’t want to lose.

I find I’m now just a little frightened of strangers who are innocently walking by.

My partly hidden entrance way is now an asset not a nuisance.

The Screentime limiting feature on my iPad is coming into its own.

I don’t need to eat nearly as much food to stay healthy as I think I do.

“Comfort food” really isn’t, and it may need to be Supper one day.

You can exercise indoors with just a staircase.

Suddenly not remembering the thing you went upstairs for until you’re back down again is a health benefit.

I’m not as ‘law abiding’ as I thought I was when it comes to sneaking garden trimmings into the household waste bin for collection.

Jiggling and pausing to air dry instead of using toilet paper after only “spending a penny” is neither a health hazard, nor a cause for discomfort.

I’m reminded of a saying I heard a great many decades ago, “Sometimes I just sits and thinks; sometimes I just sits.”.

The pile of books in the bathroom are being dipped into more often.

When this is all over, I shall save a fortune on toilet paper.

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts On The First Days In Lockdown”

  1. Greetings from our… well, mostly locked down house to yours. We have 4 people, but I agree, my brother is right up there too. He just brought me groceries, including two very peculiar types of dishwasher soap that I’ve never used before. “That’s ALL there was.” he said.

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