Surprised To Be Adding A New Category

Tuesday 11 February 2020 22:50

I awoke early this morning with my nose blocked and running (how can noses do both at the same time), sneezing and very fed up! I thought I was on the mend, and I felt worse than ever. Tomorrow my lovely boatyard bosses are taking everyone out for a night of ten-pin bowling and a meal, and it doesn’t look as if I’ll be going.

No! enough of the “Poor Me” post!

My head feeling all bunged up and woozy has meant that writing anything that makes any sense has been out of the question. Ditto doing any sort of planning, or setting stuff up. I just can’t think. I meant to stay in bed today, but the sun was shining, and I figured stretching out on the window seat with sun streaming through the window would be rather nice; so I got up.

Once up and dressed I needed to do something, and I remembered that I still hadn’t even started the shading on a copy of a drawing that I’d drawn the outline for back in December. It was one of my “Studying the Masters” series – a lovely little sketch by Edward Ardizzone, who uses a lot of very loose expressive hatching and crosshatching. It seemed the ideal task for today, slow and methodical.

I was pleased with the result – it’s a copy so not really my work at all, but very helpful in getting into the habit of looking really, really closely at what I’m trying to draw (more important when you’re copying even than drawing from real life), and very very helpful in giving me a lot of practice shading with pen and ink.

Having spent most of the day slowly working at the hatching – all black ink on white paper – I felt almost desperate for a bit of colour. I had a postcard of a puffin by my work table, with a beautiful red and yellow beak. “That’ll do!”

Now, I’m not a painter – don’t have any aspirations to be one; I love to draw. I don’t do painting. I like the idea of using watercolour just to add a bit of colour to a drawing, but that’s a different thing.

But this horrible head cold of mine seems to have done something good for all it’s bloomin’ annoyingness – I’ve drawn more in this last 10 days than I have in a very long time; and this evening, just now, in no time at all and without the slightest hesitation, I painted.

This may not seem at all noteworthy to you, dear reader, but I’m slightly punch drunk here. It’s far from being a masterpiece, but it’s the simple fact that I didn’t even THINK about it – I just got my little watercolour palette out, and I painted it. Like I’d been doing that all my life!

And in order to tell you about it, I’ve had to create a category I didn’t think I’d ever have a need for: “Painting”.

Hah! I can paint (a little bit). Who knew. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Surprised To Be Adding A New Category”

  1. Parallel universe yet again. I too had that experience of being “too sick to hear an inner critic.” I love your two recent drawing and painting results, and we will plan to keep that freedom long after our germs have left the building!

  2. I love puffins. You really did a great job! A drawing teacher of mine has said why not copy others to practice drawing? A new guitar player doesn’t have to learn to play AND compose their own music at the same time! I always learn a lot, but I’m left-handed and it can be very interesting if the original artist was not. Hmm, maybe I should flip the original!

  3. Reading your posts ‘backwards’ being behind I am happy you’re healed in the meantime . But isn’t it ‘strange’ sometimes the ‘bad’ things (the cold) forces us to slowdown a bit which brings us in another state of mind and look what came out of it , copying the Masters is indeed the best way to improve skills and never ever a waste of time and getting into Painting WITHOUT thinking (smile) what does a creative creature wants more . Keep on going !

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