The Plan

…I have no plan!

Oh, OK, I do have the most vague mish mash of ideas to start off with. Setting up this blog is the first step. I’m a great believer in the value of bouncing ideas off other people, and asking for thoughts and feedback…

UPDATE - Monday 13 January 2020, 17:30

…some first tentative ideas:

Writing and Illustrating a Book

I think I have to accept that this is probably going to be solely for my own satisfaction – because I always wanted to and time may be running out – but I have a story in mind, about a canal and a little magic, and, well, I have to write it because I want to know what happens! At this point I have no expectation of getting a publisher interested, so it will be a case of self publishing – and not expecting to make money from it, what’s known as a ‘vanity project’. Sharing the processes involved in that could be of interest to other writers though.

Running Sketchbook Journalling Workshops

With a twist. I’d like to run whole day sketchbook journalling workshops using a narrowboat on the canal. (You may start to see a bit of a canal theme here.) I’ve been teaching adults for 25 years with quite a bit of success, and I enjoy it. Combining it with sketchbook journalling could be fun. And anything that means I get paid to spend time on the canal wins my vote!

Setting Up Creativity Spaces Locally

This is a bit of a dream I’ve had for a long time: to set up easily accessible permanent spaces locally for people of all ages to come and create. As I’d like it ideally to be space that is free to use, I’d need sponsorship, and that of course could come with restrictions. So it’s one that needs a lot of thought. But the local shopping centre here has a space I’ve had my eye on for ages, with at least three potential sponsors in the form of art supply shops… So as they say, “Watch this space!”.


This could blend together writing, drawing, teaching, and building a community. I’d like to set up a Patreon page and invite Patrons to sponsor me. In return I could offer some vlogs, and more about the process, and offer a community for others who may be facing similar challenges. My biggest reservation is that Patreon as a site, or app, while useful is very clunky still. It’s an ‘easy’ way to gather sponsorship, but I’m not sure how long it’s going to be sustainable in its current form. However, this may be the quickest fix to help me get started.

ADHD Focussed Writing (and Possibly Presenting)

This is one suggested to me recently, and I quite like it as a sideline worth considering. I’m keen to educate people about what it’s like, particularly as an adult, to live with ADHD. A book would be my goal. (There are already quite a few books out there, but nobody was ever put off writing a cookbook for that reason were they!) Putting together talks, or presentations – to groups, companies, heck even governments (why not?) – is certainly worth thinking about, and I could rustle up some cool cartoony illustrations too. Sharing experiences this way helps me to understand myself, and if it also could be turned into some paid work that would be great.

These are just a few of the ideas that have been bobbing around in my bonce. All of them are achievable. Of course they could all be achieved, and yet make no money! But I’m just kicking ideas around here, and successes that nevertheless don’t move things on financially, may still lead to other things that do.

Today I’m really just jumping in, getting started – and hoping more ideas, and most importantly, how to make them a reality, will follow.

As ever, your thoughts can help enormously, and I’ve already received some cracking ideas. Thank you!

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13 thoughts on “The Plan”

  1. Consider designing sketches that are paint by number and selling them to some of the Apps out there. You could also produce a sketch paint by numbers of Fleet / Church Crookham scenes / things
    You could also consider getting your sketches turned into puzzles that you can sell
    Get businesses to sponsor / pay you to draw their office / product etc

    1. Geoff I’m going to have to start paying you a commission! You have such good ideas. Thank you! Keep ’em coming

  2. My pleasure Judy. This is fun.

    Tell us more about your work experience, what you want to do etc …. that might provide additional guidance : )

  3. Oh ….. Create a “ Meet Up” or similar for a sketching group in Fleet / Crookham – that way you can talk to fellow sketchers to see what they are doing

    1. That one’s in there already Geoff. Maybe sort of camouflaged in the Creative Space bit. When I was providing computer skills’ classes it gave me a ready made queue of wouldbe clients for private tuition, and I’m thinking along those lines – so yes, other people to bounce ideas, but also maybe prospective punters for workshops. As my brother used to say: there is method in the madness! 😀

  4. It all sounds great Judy. I think you’re doing the right thing getting started with this blog and…well…getting started! I think it’s a fab idea to record your progress, the ups and downs and the processes. Not only for yourself, but also as another potential project/book especially with the ADHD perspective. Whatever you do, however you do it, I look forward to following your progress and rooting for you every step of the way. Wishing you all the very best with this

  5. Well done Judy , I follow you in your ideas they are food for my wandering thougths too and I will think along with you a win win situation for both of us ✊✊Good luck and keep up this spirit and last but not least what’s in a ‘number ‘ says another ‘member of the 61 club

  6. I’ve started over a bunch of times by now, and I just want to tell you, not only is it worth it, but also YOU CAN DO IT!

    1. Hello Adrienne, I’m having one of those brain fog days today when I feel like I’m wading against the tide through treacle, so your positive words are worth a lot, thank you.

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