The Predicament

By the end of November I will have no money! Expand…

I’m 61. Well, 61 and a half to be strictly truthful.

It’s January.

Somehow by the end of November I have to have started my life again.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this…

When I was 35, my 12-year marriage ended, I lost my job as a PA, I had no money, no prospects and rent to pay. I realised I had to take care of myself for the rest of my life and needed more than a mundane secretarial job to do that. I realised I had to Start Again. So I did.

That was 26 years ago. Now after many ups and downs, mental and physical health problems, changes in technology that meant my business has long since been rendered unsustainable, I’m back at the same point.

Changes in the state pension here in the UK mean I have another four and a half years before I receive mine, and even then it won’t be enough to live on. No rent to pay this time, and blessedly I paid off the mortgage for my tiny home 20 years ago, but I need to be comfortable, and warm, and fed; and things break and need replacing, and then there’s art supplies to buy… and my savings are almost gone.

So at 61 (and a half), I’ve realised I’m going to have to start again. Again.

I’m older. I have less energy, less patience perhaps, certainly less naive optimism! But I do have skills learned over the last five years of ‘sabbatical’: I can write, and I can draw.

It’s time to see if I can put those skills, and all the others I’ve picked up along the way, to good use.

I can honestly say, I am quite terrified.

Whatever happens, I’m going to have a story to tell, and one part of the plan is to tell it here.

Warts ‘n’ all.

Buckle up…

So what’s The Plan…

4 thoughts on “The Predicament”

  1. You can do it Judy.

    There is Go-fund me pages …. maybe develop a calendar (with you sketches) for Fleet / Church Crookham ?
    See if you can use your drawing skills for marketing companies – become a consultant

    Offer to draw caricatures of people

    Just a few initial thoughts …. good luck, I will be following : )

  2. Go Judy! If anyone can do it, you can!

    How are you at drawing/painting animals? I know three people in the last few months who’ve paid good sums for sketches or paintings of their dogs/cats either live or from photos. Two dogs have recently died and the owners were desperate to have a reminder of their much loved friend, so if this is something that you can do and you enjoy it, it’s a lovely way of helping people when they’re feeling really low.

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